Having an out-of-date website is as big a faux pas as belching the national anthem at your best friend’s wedding. That’s why our websites come with access to Update Centre.

Wherever you are, night or day, it’s easy to quickly make changes to the content on your website on any PC or Mac with internet access. Whether you want to add new pictures, change prices, promote special offers or report breaking news, do it yourself without paying a web designer.

There’s no need to worry about learning to build websites – using Update Centre is just like writing a letter. You’ll be familiar with the interface and you’ll be used to using the tools, like making text bold, changing fonts and text size.



control it all from update centre

upload images and media


You’re in total control of your website. Use the search engine optimisation tools, view statistics to see how your site is performing or edit the content on your pages.

It’s really easy to upload pictures, media and downloadable files using Update Centre. You can even use the Online Image Editor to crop pictures, rotate them, resize them and optimise them for the web.


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